The Inconvenient Truth Spoken by “Let’s Heal The Divide”



Have you ever noticed the drastic difference between Financial District and Downtown Eastside when you walked by? Do you wonder what caused it? The reason behind the division might be complicated, entangled within urban context, but without discussion and participation, it will always remain unsolved.

Artist Toni Latour took the first step by installing a 30-foot wide neon sign, “Let’s Heal The Divide”, at the corner of Hamilton and Pender Street, hoping to spark the dialogue within the community. “When people start talking to each other, and sharing their experiences, hearts change, and people transform,” said Latour. The divide is not specific to only the wealthiest and the poorest area in Vancouver but also in gender, race and other aspects.

Latour told CBC, “there are so many points of division in terms of poverty, in terms of politics, divergent communities and histories. There’s gender inequality. There are many issues…

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