At a time in our great land , we pause , and step aside. We look to our host, the Musqueam, Squamish , Sliel whaututh First Nations To thank the first nations as to acknowledge there heritage, history, we are on unceded land. we acknowledge those who were already here at the birth of our nation.

We moved into Binscarth,  Manitoba .  Prairie town along the yellow head .  It had a small elementary school , K- 9 .  Dad was the new principle .   I was going to be starting gr 2.   Still being a kid  can be tough .    The town had a small reserve along side it along the railway tracks.   You could tell ,  government  had a short fall in ousing.  The houses all were in dire straights , As kids we all saw it , but  in a town  of 600.  where is this government  you speak of ?alicejay-064-3.jpg I leared the school had some punishments for mischief.  I wasn’t going to be getting along as it were.  Name calling   Other issues would imerge.  Some older kids would see , the target .  I would also , be not that great on skates .  Suck at hockey ?  my future was looking dim.   This town, was the background of any Steven King novel.   It was because of a new neighbor , first kid  I met , as mom, an dad  an Greg unloaded the truck, I ran into a kid about my age , named Riene (prononced Rainy ) he would be my best friend as I got into the small town and moving in.   I literaly ran into him , running around the corner from the house.

A farm town, most of  the kids had farm life , bussed in to school, and chores that ran in line with the season, and school was gradually changing at the time.  It was the early eighties, and Metric would be taking over our math, and everyday life from here on in.  Unfortunatly I wasn’t keeping up .  Something was going on with words.   Tests got harder, I wasn’t taking it in.  Words were looking screwed up to me,  I had to blink  an go over lines twice.  So give up an just browse the page , you know, put your finger  in the midle of the page and just get the main words .  It wss the only way I could get through a book.  But , at least in  a book , I wasn’t being hasled .

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