A is about the start; 1996 and how I arrived

This is the start page.  The blog’s front page is. I  showed up back in 1996, September.  Vancouver was where there was 2 Starbucks ….right across the street from each other .  And that was crazy !!  alicejay 049 (2) There was the WOODWARDS building.  They just had the Molson Indy, and some fireworks festival.  What was I to know?    A little lost , not connecting with some friends  I knew from Winnipeg.   I found out , the whole tourist trap thing is real.  Loose everything  in I.D and records.   Out of contact, and alone my  situation ending with me  out side, and starting from square one.   The year of 96 summer / fall through to October 97 .  How I adapted to the situation and found my way around.   Learning about local  resources , from the bottom up.

If you are new here, it is all  about helping yourself out.  Leaning where to find out info , and how to get help in certain areas  is huge. Learn everything about this city in your first two years.  You are better prepared.   Just as you are better suited for more timeless content.   Everything you want can be easily accessible, like the following three rules.  The 3 rules ;

1. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others.

2. Take care of yourself and so you can help others take care.

3. Use everything towards your learning and growth.

One thought on “A is about the start; 1996 and how I arrived

  1. Hi Jay! Thank you for your like and re-blog at zenpunkmusic.com. I called Vancouver home for nearly a decade, and love and miss it very much. I will definitely enjoy keeping up with your posts! Cheers!

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