Vancouver International Auto Show 2017

Going to the car show is always fun to go to.  Its  a good look at the style and shapes of the different vehicles this would also be my first time in the convention center, one word  Massive!

Both floors full of cars  of all shapes and sizes .  but Some nice exoticsIMG_3607IMG_3608IMG_3609IMG_3610IMG_3618IMG_3621IMG_3637IMG_3642IMG_3658IMG_3668IMG_3670IMG_3671IMG_3672IMG_3673jj so Another little adventure in my day to day

I really love this city and I like to show whats going on here and there .  I hope you enjoy my effort at putting it together .



A Syrian refugee says his family’s thriving chocolate business should serve as an example of the value of Canadian “openness” in a world that has increasingly closed off its borders to refugees.

via NS Syrian refugee chocolatier pays tribute to Canadian openness — Global News

Cities are dense meeting places of histories, voices, publics and feelings that intertwine and clash, but which ultimately add up to the textures and possibilities of urban life. In this interplay of time and place, of visible signs and less visible histories, Vancouver has a particularly complex texture. Vancouver artist Ron Terada uses public art […]


You can make it , small businesses can admire the In D Pan dent RoCK SHoP

IMG_3244Sorry  HMV , you weren’t really what we wanted .  Around the corner , and down a few from the  (H M V ) on Robson St. HMV is in quite a predicament.  The chain is goin through changes , yet , here   on Granville St, you’ll find  The ROCK SHOP  Granville / Helmcken and for the last 20 + yrs , its been a staple for the t-shirts,  posters,  chains,  rings and x men coffeee mugs.   .