Vancouver To tear down Main Highway

The  Viaduct was our roadway structure that brought you over some land bringing you downtown  via Dunsmuir or out via Georgia st.




I have always had concerns over this.  The big empty covering half of  the false inlet, waste soil from when it was built. That soil could be toxic and, I would hope they do proper assesments and properly  dig out all of it before anyone builds any new structures.  Its alot of land , and I would hope City Hall plans with those living around it in mind.  Also have a plan for the traffic displaced by the removal of the Viaducts.  Making improvments to the system for those who commute to downtown also.  It needs to be prepared properly – it should go better , than what happened across the way  with the Olympic village.  A nieghborhood that has almost tripled in size  after 7 yrs.  .

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