Staying in Cold January Saturday

Hello World, and those of you who found me.  My thoughts are elsewhere.  The violence, the motive to hurt, harm, and damage.  Here, its – you wouldn’t know of any of it.  Here , we stress over the rent.  The coast of wifi for my phone.  The cost of housing and  the  interest on my mortgage,  but who am I to complain .the big fight right now – road salt!

West Coast be frozen yo!   I can’t reallt feel bad either with the craziness going on in the world.  I hope people can slow down for a bit.  Take a  day , get your familiar and check in.

IMG_2853.JPGIMG_2937.JPGWere not accustomed to the cold for any stretch.  So this winter has been a tough one, and worse if your homeless.   All across Canada were in Crisis mode, because its all below the norms, even for our friends in the prairies I don’t imagine its comfortable at -40c .

Trout Lake frozen and people skating on it first time in 20 yrs. Haven’t looked at the weather page yet, but a clear sky an ice on everything.  Now, as the world turns , and with they way this year is starting out.

With the snow, I am familiar with the calm silence in it.  Take a deep breath .

All I want is peace , its sounds silly.  The times we live in. The news of the day disgusting as it is .

I know I am not the only one saying this.

The thought for today

” I wish everyone would just chill the fuck out.”


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