How are you feeling?

I just realized , a must do. Last week, my father had a severe stroke,

and I ‘m stuck .So , I came here and just ;


For myself, as a indy pendant.   I

sometimes have to remind myself, that I have a lot of work to do , and

I got to have it in order.   I have a way about stuff, and its all in everything I  got going.

Right now, I have to consider my fathers health, as he has a real fight going on.  I know

it takes alot to recover from a stroke, and he will have along work schedual to get back to his ol self on the golf course.

Get your full day schedual down.  A little time spent each day moving.

Focus on control of the hands, and grasping and holding.

Working all your muscles , paying attention to motion and control.  You’ll need this  when you transfer from bed to wheel chair.  so, when your in your wheelchair, you can practice standing up .

Take  your time, get used to it. So when it comes to going forward, you can walk as far as you can in one venture.  I’m sure the team is all on board with your routine,

The day to day is going to be quite tough at the start.  The nerves take a while to grow back.

I’m sure the staff are all doing there best while your in the re care,

Nurses showed me a lot while  I stayed in St Pauls

Take care of yourself

I think

of you everyday





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