From the Lunatic Fringe

I’ve fallen behind , so a little catching up to do.  Global issues really bother me, knowing the going ons, and feeling it.  I  have the sencery stuff going on and it freaks me out sometimes.  So  i get vibes from all over.   Current events around the world , make me , no , force me to go to the one source of expression that I know best. The word.  Oh boy , events today , in the last week , have me , as a producer, writer, artist, just vibrate with emotion.    Let me say first , that a newspaper that published , like the millions of others , the leaked secret files , then calli ng for the arrest of the source is the fail of the industry.  So I am , now avioding that , and that level of production..  I have to . So , I  guess I ‘m starting today .


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