A short music rant ; I’m sorry I had an accident mom. I Just discovered Markus and Martinus


wow, I  am now inspired, I gotta lot of catching up to so .  Thank you  internet, for keeping life unfiltered.  I have to let Justin Beiber  of the hook ,  as he got his ass handed to him , so to be fair .  There is only one of him, so .. JB , whatever.

Marcus and Martinus ? !  !  ?

WOW! Do I not like this  idea of music – I thought  , the music industry was full of …I’m not putting them in a genre , I can’t . bubble gum on the bottom of my shoe – too much?  What is the Looking at Girls video offer in context to the persona and the two of the image they potrey in the video?  What are they Agewise?  12 , 14 ?    I suspect the tour of shopping malls  was a few years back .    My jaw was on the floor watching that – its been a while ago since  I watched the video, its already forgotten.  At least there is no headache .


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