When considering Vancouver traffic

DSC02840 DSC02779I forgot something today as I got out on my bicycle , I thought , just a couple of stops before stopping in at the Gathering Place.  As I rode out onto the road,thinking of my list of errands ,  I lined up my routes.   What occured was the most mangled up stop and no go traffic mess I have ever ridden in.   I don’t even want to be near , cars , let alone be stuck in the dead end , lookin’ at the wrong end of a car,bus truck or whatever.   So , I go through the list , getting more and more angry at every Jam in the Traffic of going and  becoming stopped .  Why ? I was asking , is this going On??  I actually asked , randomly Is every car on the road today ?

After  the last stop , I head home, my right leg burning , my stump totally numb, red , and  sore.  As I peddle the last hill up Thurlow it felt like  my prosthetic weighed a tonne.

So, in my wheel chair , I thought it through.  Why? What is it today , with the traffic, and why now??

As I mentioned at the start, I had forgotten something;

The four factors in Vancouvers’  Friday traffic;  A) There are 2 cruise ships docked .  That’s a possible 10 000 ppl in and around ten blocks from Gastown.    B) Its Friday ,the post Summer season and the first Friday of the work week . C ) The high end overvalued show me group -((Bling on four wheels ))  large group of the cars were , jus’ for show.  They go, cruise , at 8 mph,  an park them, , stand around it,  then….. go to the line up , of the club.   C) Construction , you remove  4 lanes of traffic in around any city block down here, and  the next four lanes  slow to a grinding idle.  So , that involved ; Burrard, Robson, Goergia, Helmcken,  and Nelson.  People still came down in cars .  So they were all sitting in them , an hour and a half  longer than needed .There, I think I got it across.  Have a happy Friday. Please  Never bring your car down here.


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