Vancouver- A Great City (to be Gluten Free)

Veggie and Gluten Free...yes, really

Eating is a huge part of a holiday, it can elevate it beyond comparison as a getaway to be remembered or it can make you question what made you even consider that location. OK, well that’s probably a bit dramatic because there are always cocktails so you can’t go too wrong, but food is still important.

In the past I have struggled with my diet abroad, the notion of being vegetarian is often met with confusion let alone the gluten free part. I imagine they often just think I am a whiney, self- absorbed westy (which is at least partly true).

My technique is often to just inform them about the vegetarian thing and then just hope that I can pick around some pasta or take the cheese from a sandwich and put it in my own bread (I always bring some rolls and a loaf abroad!) Or if it’s…

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