3 /three ***

Well its been a second. Carefully worded as I note , this is only because its raining outside.  I’d be somewhere else, and wouldn’t be able to do this.   To the person who is wanting to just see it for what it is .  I  would say  hello to you .  I  will keep on  posting, and  for certin .  Hope you enjoy  my  little site.

The number three 3  is important to me, as a kid I wore it in pee wee hockey.  I couldn’t really skate well, but could play well enough.  In Binscarth , we had just enough to form a team, but I also  played hockey with Foxwarren, where I played with Pat Faloon (the first ever draft pick for the  San Jose Sharks ) I also played alot of street hockey and thats where I  played  with a kid named Theoren Fleury  (the full deal for the  Calgary Flames) from Russell  mb.

For the Sake of a wet Sunday, and since football /soccer  are also  going on, then it s  not  just hockey.   I will  go with  the three  in my  lifetime; a good home cooked meal b a great performance and the competition.


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