Christopher Parsons: Canada has a spy problem

National Post

Canada has a spy problem.

Over the past year and a half, Canadians have learned a great deal about the activities of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). CSE is responsible for spying on communications abroad, protecting some government systems, and helping other federal departments spy on Canadians. CSE and the federal government alike insist that Canadians are not “targeted” by our spies and assert that claims to the contrary are inaccurate or wrong. But CSE’s own rebuttals don’t hold water.

“Targeting” doesn’t mean what most Canadians might believe it would. For CSE, collecting Canadians’ metadata, such as email addresses, Internet protocol addresses, cookie identifiers, Facebook identifiers, Google identifiers, geolocation information, websites visited, phone numbers, types of communications engaged in, file downloads, and more, doesn’t constitute “targeting” Canadians. Instead, the mass collection of this information is done “incidentally.”

Recently disclosed Edward Snowden documents have detailed a program called “EONBLUE,” which is…

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