Our own @earofnewt takes a look back at his 1990 Fangoria story about being on the set of the TV miniseries It, based on the best-seller by Stephen King.

With its miniature train, petting zoo, and kids’ play areas, Vancouver’s Stanley Park isn’t the last place you’d expect to see a circus clown decked out in full regalia—multicoloured, baggy jump suit with large, fluffy buttons, white face, red nose, and all.

But it’s the last place you’d want to meet a clown like Pennywise, the pivotal villain of Stephen King’s 1986 novel It.

British actor Tim Curry plays the shape-shifting, child-killing clown in the two-part miniseries based on King’s work, an $11-million project scheduled to air on ABC-TV this month (November 18 and 20). On the overcast afternoon that Fango comes face to white-face with Curry, he’s sitting in his trailer near Beaver Lake viewing the day’s rushes with make-up FX artist Bart Mixon. The scene they’re perusing on the trailer’s built-in VCR has Pennywise popping his head out of one of the six graves he’s dug and, in a stuttering voice, taunting the book’s hero, Bill Denbrough (played by Richard “John Boy” Thomas) to take his pick of the holes—except for the one at the end, which is already occupied by one of Denbrough’s childhood buddies.

Read the whole thing: Horror in Vancouver: Stephen King’s evil clown stalks Stanley Park in 1990.


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