34 years ago today Iranian militants took 66 hostages and held them for more than a year.  Argo is the mostly true story of the CIA operative who helmed the rescue of six U.S. diplomats who managed to escape at the outset of the 1979 Iran-US hostage crisis.  The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture and a Golden Globe for Best Director (Ben Affleck). 

Fresh Air’s Terry Gross spoke to director and star Ben Affleck earlier this year about the film and how to adapt history for the big screen:

It’s that struggle between … the bookkeeper’s reality and … the poet’s reality, and you make judgments as a director. And my judgment falls really cleanly on the line of, ‘It’s OK to embellish, it’s OK to compress, as long as you don’t fundamentally change the nature of the story and what happened.’


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