Ryan Lizza joins Fresh Air to talk about Keystone Pipeline XL and how Obama is at a possible turning point for climate change mitigation:

Barack Obama gave a very important speech on his second term climate change priorities and at the very last moment he inserted some language into that speech about how he would settle this issue of the Keystone Pipeline and he said for him, he doesn’t want to see that pipeline approved if it would significantly contribute to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. So how the State Department settles that question is what everyone has their eye on. 

… I think there’s an important moment here, for Barack Obama if he chooses to take it — even if he thinks that denying the permit to build Keystone won’t have a huge impact on greenhouse gas emissions — he could use it as a symbolic turning point in the kind of energy future he wants America to have. That is, he might say, ‘At some point we have to move away from fossil fuels and I’m using this moment to lead a crusade in America to move away from fossil fuels.’

Hear the full interview, read more interview highlights, or read his article in the New Yorker here.

photo via globalpost


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